Privacy Policy

Welcome you to visit the website of TECO Electric and Machinery Co., Ltd. (the website in the following). In order to let you rest assured in utilizing various services and information offered by the website, we hereby explain to your the website's policy for privacy protection, in order to safeguard your interests, as follows:

  • 1. Scope covered by the privacy-protection policy

    The privacy-protection policy includes how will the website handles information on personal identity collected from access by visitors to the website. The policy is not applicable to other websites linked with the website or persons commissioned by the website or persons taking part in the management of the websites.

  • 2. Collection, handling, and utilization of personal information

    • When you contact the website for business dealings or attend the website's activities, we will ask you to provide necessary personal information according to the nature of businesses or activities, which will be processed and utilized within the scope of the purposes.

    • When you utilize the website's interactive functions, such as service mailbox and questionnaire survey, the website will retain your names, e-mail addresses, contact method, and utilization time.

    • * For general browsing, server will automatically record related trails, including the IP address of your access equipment, utilization time, utilized browser, and browsed and selected data, as reference for use in improving the website's services. Such data are for internal use and will never be publicized.

  • 3. Websites linked with the website

    The website's webpage provides linkage with other websites, enabling visitors to access other websites, which, though, are not covered by the website's privacy-protection policy. Visitors, therefore, have to refer to those websites' own privacy-protection policies.

  • 4. use of Cookie

    In order to offer you optimal services, the website will place and utilize our Cookie in your computer. Should you be unwilling to accept the writing of Cookie, you can set the grade of privacy in the menu of our browser as high, which can reject Cookie writing but hinder the normal execution of some functions of the website.

  • 5. Revision of privacy-protection policy

    The website's privacy-protection policy can be revised anytime when necessary and the revised stipulations will be posted on the website.

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